Free Adult English lessons enrich lives in Nelson County, Virginia!

Ahora, yo puedo hablar Ingles por telefono sin sentirme tensa y preocupante. !Hurra por mi!
Not a day goes by that I donít use the skills I learned in computer class. I just advanced at work thanks to that class.
Dina has caught on and made great progress these past few months. She is a joy to work with. Quote from Cynthia, a tutor.
I had worked with my tutor for almost a year when a family crisis caused me to stop. Then, at the doctor's office I was confronted with a big form that seemed impossible. But I found that I could answer all the questions with what I had learned in class. That night I called my tutor to resume my English studies. Sasha, ESOL student.
Now I can share English with my children in meaningful ways that brings us closer.

I can really hear the directions my boss gives me without the problems in listening so hard.